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IT support 24/7

We at LUTZ & GRUB AG IT Services afford IT Support in large industrial environments in three shifts around the clock. We are specialized in the technologies used in the industry and maintain your productive production systems, servers and machines clients fail-safe.

Security in production

Machinery and equipment have different demands on network security as comparatively PC clients. That's why we like to work with security features which meet these requirements:

White Listenening

  • Stop zero-day attacks and targeted attacks on servers using targeted prevention guidelines
  • Fast, flexible and scalable protection against zero-day and advanced persistent threats
  • Harden operating systems and run applications in sandbox environments
  • Track suspicious administrators or unauthorized access attempts in real time
  • identify policy violations

patch management

  • regular patching legacy
  • Automate patch management

Network segmentation

  • SIEMENS Profinet as a modular Industrial Ethernet
  • Industrial Ethernet Security for the protection of automation networks 
  • seperated subnet per plant in Profinet (ScalanceS switches)

We understand the world of machines on the shop floor!