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Rights Management

Your E-Mail is beeing read by strangers!

Imagine that you’re sending a strictly confidential email containing sensitive enclosure which only a certain group of people is allowed to read.

The next day you realize that non-authorized persons have got the informations out of the e-mail including the attachments.

You have supposedly done everything already:

  • Data encryption, i.e. EFS – encrypting file system, a.s.o.
  • NTFS security settings in access control list
  • Email encryption with S/MIME or TLS transfer protocol
  • IP-Sec in infrastructure as transfer encryption
  • BitLocker FP-encryption, BitLocker to go for mobile hardware
  • HTTPS-connections (HTTPS over RPC) for remote users / customers
  • SSTP VPN dial-in (PPP/L2TP through SSL 3.0 tunneling)
  • Direct access
  • Server and client authentication through certificates
  • Access-Control of USB-ports / removable devices