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Migration to 2019 Active Directory Services

Why Server 2019 active directory services?

The Windows Server 2019 architecture is based on the proven Server 2016 function level.

This includes:

  • 100% support by Microsoft in virtualising all of the domain controllers in the infrastructure
  • Centralized management, monitoring and maintenance Wartung of ADDS with new consols
  • Management console for the central user helpdesk support
  • On-board Windows server migration tools (powershell CMDlets)
  • Powershell 4.0 - easy usage with GUI, remote powershell, powershell history, powershell-webaccess as well as a large number of ADS-management CMDlets 
  • Extendet GPOs and GPO-management (remote update, DFS-R replikation status, extendet RsoP and modeling, a.m.m.)
  • Easy configuration of different password policies (PSO) in the same domain through GUI
  • Active directory recycle bin with comprehensive recovery functions via GUI
  • Advanced functions for DNS und ADDS server roles (best practice analyzer)
  • Managed service accounts - one account for multiple services (1:n), group managed Service Accounts, services on several W2016 servers with the same service account and a central, domain-crossing password control
  • Kerberos extension for the use of a large number of Windows group memberships to reduce authentication problems
  • IPAM DHCP access management for the central DNS monitoring and
  • Dynamic access control with file classification and access control according to conditions

Server 2019 added more useful features:

  • Windows admin center
  • either desktop display or pure server core
  • System data for the integration of predictive analysis functions
  • Hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure
  • optional server core app compatibility
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard
  • Windows Defender application control
  • Security with software-defined networking (SDN)
  • High performance SDN gateways
  • Shielded Virtual Machine Enhancements
  • HTTP/2 for a faster and more secure web
  • Extensive enhancements to failover clustering
  • Integrated support for Kubernetes
  • Encrypted networks
  • Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBAT) Low Extra Delay Background Transport

Don't let coincidence decide about migration

The complete record of resources is the basis of a successful migration. We will check your AD environment and the imfrastructure services which depend on it. Thus, we determine processes and systems which are critical for the migration.These will be analyzed against the migration requirements and documented. On this basis we recommend the best migration practice through coordinated migration paths. According we would like to advise you in the selection of hardware and licensing models. We offer a technical project plan as well. So, you will receive the support you need in the migration method you prefer.

100 percent preservation of productivity during migration

Service in example of an "in-transition" domain migration: This multiphasis kind of ADS migration guarantees 100% preservation of your productivity. Existing domain controllers with older operating systems will be replaced by Windows Server 2019 DCs step by step. The migration of the infrastructure servers will follow subsequently.

Phase 1
  • Recording and analysis of the existing domain infrastructure services for the creation of an action catalogue for the migration procedure
  • Creation of a technical project schedule
Phase 2
  • Preparation of source infrastructure / cleanup of configuration problems
  • Funktional design of the updated future ADS-infrastructure
Phase 3
  • Implementation of the DC Substitution following the defined schedule
  • Removal of the old DCs and optimization on basis of new functions and features
Phase 4
  • Audit of performed Migration, handing over the new infrastructue, final documentation

Our services

LUTZ & GRUB AG offers comprehensive adisory services and practical assistance to carry out your migration project within a holistic framework during the complete migration.

The traceability of the performed activities, the involvement of the IT staff and the knowledge transfer are in the foreground of all service provisions. We offer project-accompanying or following the migration practice-oriented product training based on the new infrastructure for an effective and safe use of the new functional system.