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ADS Security Boost

ADS Security Management and Performance Boost

The „ADS security management and performance boost“ package under Windows Server 2012 R2 ADS by LUTZ & GRUB AG is based on several components.

You'll obtain comprehensable process cycles and workflows which increase your productivity as well as your security levels significantly.

Company value enhancement

You will enhance your company value quick and long lasting by:

  • Savings in the it-budget by reduction of administrative efforts.
  • Dynamic, scalable it-infrastructure with forward-looking development possibilities.
  • Transparency in it-processes with optional adaption to ITIL.
  • Increase in quality of customer-service management through distinct process cycles.
  • Centralization of it-administration.
  • Increase of security levels throughout the whole resource management.
  • Maximum automation of IT-processes based on a structured ADS-infrastructure.
  • Business continuity (reliability).


Within the scope of your IT-project planning you will receive counseling services aligned to your current demands by LUTZ & GRUB AG at any time.